The Legacy Vote

Are you a Sacramento youth interested in the midterm elections and community organizing? 


The Legacy Vote (TLV) is a Sacramento based program that educates youth between the ages of 13-19 years old about the importance and process of voting. We'll dive into topics such as voting accessibility through a historical and present context, learn more about media literacy through a local, state, and national lens, and explore additional ways to get civically engaged in the community.  

In order to increase voter turn out and informed voting, we must engage youth in the voting process early and in meaningful ways, so they’re able to make the connections between democratic participation and their ability to thrive in their communities. Through The Legacy Vote, we’ll be able to help build community leaders who can help guide the next generation in the voting process to see that their voice matters.

This is a 6-month program starting on July 20th - December 2022. Meetings are every other Wednesday from 4 - 6 PM and programming is both virtual and in-person. This program offers powerful networking opportunities to interact with other students in the Sacramento region, meet influential speakers, and engage in impactful conversations and hands-on activities.  

Participants will be able to choose which Community Action Opportunity they want to engage in for California's upcoming midterm election : 

  • Increase voter pre-registration and registration in the community

  • Join the SacKidsFirst Coalition to organize a youth fund for the City of Sacramento 

  • Help facilitate/participate in a youth led town hall with community partners



"I think it's somewhat important to vote - get things done, but it's just as important to get people to use their voice on what they want to change."  - TLV focus group student

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