About CalCenter

The California Center for Civic Participation is a non-partisan, non-profit civic education organization,

engaging high school students by sparking their interest with exposure to real excitement of the

democratic process. We believe that youth hold so much untapped and unlimited power to change

their communities and their world and we exist to expose and nurture that power.

We believe that: Youth are not a problem to solve, but a resource to nurture.

Through our programs, thousands of young people across the state have become active players in the public
policies affecting their communities. In addition to making informed decisions on today’s issues, youth gain the skills, tools and resources to thoughtfully assess the questions of tomorrow. Our time-tested and holistic approach to learning gives youth a clear pathway for how to think about the issues, but not what to think. We make learning
about government fun, accessible and relatable. Young people leave our programs more motivated,
better informed and ready to take meaningful civic action in their everyday lives.

Young people leave our programs more motivated,
better informed and ready to take meaningful civic action
in their everyday lives.

Our mission is to empower youth to be active and valued participants in decision making processes
at all levels.

In our vision all young people have the skills to analyze and think critically about public policy and systems of government in order to become informed individuals who actively participate in a democratic society.

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Since 1981 we've been taking a non-partisan approach to supporting young people in learning about, responding to, and acting in the political process.

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CalCenter staff and directors support youth as they identify and tackle challenges in their own communities and work with peers and adults to affect changes

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