We pride ourselves on our work with youth and the elements we bring to our communities. We believe that the information we embrace should be shared with everyone to enjoy, help tackle the issues of today, and be used as tools to help develop long-term change.


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Program Materials



2019 Women in Politics Agenda

Our Women in Politics (WIP) conference will be conducted from July 24, 2019 to July 26, 2019 at the California Museum. It’s an informative and innovative program that will allow participants to learn more about empowerment, our political environment, influential female figures, and much more. Download the agenda to learn about how we engaged our students during this summer event.


She shares dec.2018 program

On December 13, 2018 we held our final She Shares conversation of the year with the authors of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics at the California Museum.  She Shares is a great program for elevating the female voice, while providing opportunities for young professionals to gain advice and guidance from seasoned female professionals in the Sacramento area.


green focus 2017-2018 agenda

Check out what we did at conference #2 of the 2017/2018 program year. Our theme this year is the environment and health! Other topics include advocacy, meeting with legislators and job interviews.


International Student Leaders Program Agenda

The International Student Leaders program was a one-time conference providing opportunities for students from Africa and the Middle East to explore the political process through California state government.


green focus

2016-2017 agenda

Our fourth year of Green Focus topics and activities included Rock the Vote, policy workshops, Green Tech opportunities and a visit to California's Office of Emergency Services headquarters.


Youth Media Producers Conference Agenda

Our work with The California Endowment is multi-faceted and every meeting is unique.  At this conference youth learned to use various media techniques to advocate and share stories and perspectives through workshops and trainings.


green focus

2014-2015 agenda

Our agenda for the first two-day conference of the 2014/2015 program year. This was one of our most robust conferences to date, featuring workshops with policy experts on Proposition 1, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Law and AB 32


Women in Politics

Program Packet

This comprehensive packet from an early Women in Politics conference provides a great snapshot of this groundbreaking program. Participants get a first-hand look at the workings of state politics, focusing on issues affecting women and their communities.


Capitol Focus Workbook

Check out one of our more extensive packets from our flagship program Capitol Focus.

Publications & Articles



Empowering Communities at the Ballot Box: How to Increase Voter Participation

In this article by Online MSW Programs, we learn about what prevents people from voting and how community groups and individuals can empower others to vote. It also provides eight sample questions to answer when creating a voter information guide. 


four ways to detect media bias and step outside the partisan bubble

An article published by ChangeRoots identifies four ways the public can detect media bias and step outside of the partisan bubble. As a non-partisan organization we encourage everyone to learn more about ways to get news that's as close to the facts as possible. Go to for more info.


How to Teach Civics in Action

Check out this great article by Baylor University on how to incorporate civics into K-12 curriculum and get youth into action!


What Can We Do About Climate Change?

This one-pager created by students from the 2018/2019 Green Focus program spreads awareness about things we can do everyday to address climate change.


Easy Tips for Reducing Pollution

2016/2017 Green Focus participants created a tip sheet on actions we can take in our daily lives to reduce pollution. This is their creation from start to finish—please take a look & share with as many people as possible!


Youth Voices in Community Design

This comprehensive how-to guide on getting youth involved in local policymaking and community planning is a response to hundreds of requests from adults nationwide who want youth involved in shaping their communities. The handbook provides a step-by-step guide to youth engagement and is supported by an extensive online library of articles and activities.


California Roast Posters

2018: A Tribute to California Women
Senate Republican Leader
Patricia Bates,
Assemblywoman Anna Caballero, Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, Senator Janet Nguyen, Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins, Secretary Mona Pasquil Rogers

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2017: Chad Mayes
Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes.

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2016: Kevin de León
Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2015: Toni Atkins
Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2014: John Burton & Jim Brulte
CA Democratic Party Chair John Burton & CA Republican Party Chair Jim Brulte

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2013: Bob Blumenfield
Assembly Budget Committee Chair Bob Blumenfield

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2011: John A. Pérez
Assembly Speaker John Perez

Artwork: Lalo Alcaraz
2010: Darrell Steinberg
Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2009: Karen Bass
Assembly Speaker Karen Bass

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2008: Dick Ackerman
State Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2007: Don Perata
State Senate President pro Tempore Don Perata Cover

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2006: Kevin McCarthy
Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy Cover

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2005: Fabian Nunez
Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez

Artwork: Sandra Hoover
2004: Various
Brulte, Burton, Sher, Vasconcellos, Alpert, Johnson

Artwork: Chris Van Overloop
2002: Herb Wesson
Assembly Speaker Herb Wesson

Artwork: Chris Van Overloop
2001: Jim Brulte
Senate Republican Leader Jim Brulte

Artwork: Chris Van Overloop
2000: Gray Davis
Governor Gray Davis

Artwork: Chris Van Overloop
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