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CalCenter Supports Youth-Led Program as Fiscal Host

The CalCenter is now managing resources for Bay Area Student Activists (BAStA) to advocate for issues they care about.

BAStA student activists
We're now fiscally hosting BAStA, a committed group of student activists in the Bay Area

We are so pleased that BAStA came to us so that we may support them and their efforts to educate their fellow students on the democratic process

Bay Area Student Activists (BAStA) is a completely student led organization formed in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to unite students on issues that concern them. BAStA high school students from all over the San Francisco Bay Area work together to amplify their voice by promoting civic engagement in the political process and educate students on how to exercise their rights in school and government. BAStA’s Youth Advocacy Director is a bright young woman named Sarah Schecter from The Oakland School of the Arts in Oakland, California.   

We are so pleased that BAStA came to us so that we may support them and their efforts to educate their fellow students on the democratic process. As their fiscal host we will provide a means for them to apply, obtain, manage and spend grants and donations in order to carry out their mission.  We are allowed to fulfill these responsibilities by using our 501 (c) (3) status with the Internal Revenue Service and the California Secretary of State to provide BAStA with the ability to realize their project goals and outcomes. The CalCenter will also provide the students with a framework of different perspectives and non-partisan information on issues they’re exploring, prior to their participation in activities where the funding will be used.    

In 2019 BAStA is pursuing a number of activities in which they will engage their fellow students.  Activities include voter education forums, trips(s) to the California State Capitol to meet with legislators and their staff, civic engagement and voter education panels and various marches.

Over the past few years the CalCenter has provided several for-profit businesses with fiscal host support for charity-based projects and transitions to the non-profit sector.  The capacity to back these ventures is a role we feel is important for non-profit work throughout the state.  It’s imperative that California has mechanisms for groups like BAStA to educate, engage and provide opportunities for advocacy for young leaders and change makers, especially in disadvantages communities. 

For-profit businesses interested in doing projects that are funded by tax-deductible donations, or are attempting to transition into a non-profit organization are welcome to inquire with us about a fiscal host arrangement.  We have experience working with public relations firms, media/journalism businesses and political consulting firms, just to name a few.  Please contact Associate Director, Belen Flores at for more information.      

We are excited for what the future holds for BAStA and we’re proud to support the next generation of state leaders!


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