TCE Youth Leadership

The California Endowment (TCE) has teamed up with 14 communities throughout the state to help improve their physical, social, and economic environments and thereby promote the health of children and families.  Through this 10 year commitment to Building Healthy Communities, The Endowment and those involved have come to understand that health happens not just in doctors’ offices, but health happens in neighborhoods. Creating opportunities for youth to take meaningful leadership roles is one strategy to realizing the goals set out by The Endowment. For more information go to


The California Center, in partnership with The California Endowment, and Movement Strategy Center, is coordinating all statewide youth leadership opportunities associated with The California Endowment and Building Healthy Communities.



  • Ensure a youth voice at the statewide and regional levels

  • Increase the capacity of youth and adults within BHC to include youth initiatives and organizing within BHC

  • Improve communications regarding youth engagement among communities

  • Enhance youth voice in state and local policy advocacy

The President's Youth Council:
Ambassadors for Youth

The President’s Youth Council (PYC) is a group of youth from throughout California who act as a sounding board to Dr. Ross, the President and CEO of The California Endowment and act as Ambassadors of Dr. Ross and TCE among other youth and communities.  They educate themselves on trends among youth so that they can best advise and bring new ideas to Dr. Ross.  PYC members also have the opportunity to reflect on their own goals and gain useful insights on those goals from Dr. Ross.


The CA Center has a very special history with the PYC. As a recognized “Anchor Partner” of the CA Endowment, we collaborated in launching the project and establishing members of the President’s Youth Council back in 2012. Since then, Movement Strategy Center has taken the reigns as the lead organization supporting this group, but the CA Center played a central role in the project in the formative years, guiding the youth in their efforts to advocate their priorities to Dr. Ross. The CA Center was charged with assisting PYC members in this process and made space for them to shape their message to executive staff at TCE.  


Since then, these young people have stepped up as lead thought partners who have begun to change the narrative about what youth can do when they organize and think critically about how to transformation systems that require deep-seated change, so that youth and their families can thrive. As a result of their hard work, leadership and commitment, they have increased the CA Endowments awareness and capacity to respond to the needs of youth throughout the state with initiatives and programs. They have also helped shape the priorities of the CA Endowment and its affiliated partners to include youth in more decision-making processes at the local and state level. More recently, the PYC has recruited new youth members to the Council and intends to engage them in today’s most pressing issues affecting youth in every community of California.


Way to go, PYC! We are behind you all the way! Onward!

Building Healthy Communities
Youth Coordinator Network



The Youth Coordinators Network is a network of adults who work alongside youth in the BHC communities. The goals of the group are to provide opportunities or youth coordinators to build relationships and community across the 14 sites, to develop shared vision and goals for youth engagement across the 14 sites, and build capacity of all youth coordinators through sharing of resources, trainings and mutual support. For more information and access to resources visit BHC Connect.